Rolladen Schneider LS 6b: VH-XJA

Racing class, single seat glider

LS 6b 3-view A very nice and easy to fly flapped 15m glider. A good glider for a conversion to racing class. It is light on the controls, and minimal flap changes are required during flight because of the large speed range.

The LS 6b has fin ballast, which can offset ballast carried in the wings.

At 337 kg: minimum sink speed is 45 knots, best glide is 1:45 at 57 knots
At 525 kg: minimum sink speed is 57 knots, best glide speed is 65 knots

Racing class: wingspan 15 m, retractable main wheel, flaps
Wing Area:  10.5 m²
Empty weight: 268 kg
Maximum weight: 525 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 78 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 109 kg
Maximum water ballast: 160 kg in wings, 5.5 kg in fin tank
Wing loading range: 32.1 to 50 kg/m²

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